We all know that in the winter we want to feel cosy, and with darker colours you can get that feeling. Colours such as burgundy, navy and emerald green. The bridesmaids can also make use of a fur wrap to help keep those shoulders warm.

As we’ve all seen that brides start to like a more off-white wedding dress which is also a nice colour to combine with the darker colours of the winter. The groom and groomsmen will also then move to the darker side when getting dressed, consider more navy blue and darker browns even burgundy or grey. 

Another trend these days is to supplement your starter with a bigger harvest or feast table outside since our guests will feel like they’ve had enough to eat and don’t want to eat a starter again so shortly after they have moved into the reception hall. When it comes to the catering, spice things up a bit by bringing in different soups with breadsticks for the people to enjoy while the photos are taking place. This can then take the place of the starter as the soup is also a nice way of keeping your guests nice and warm while they wait outside.

The traditional sit-down plated service that we all know at weddings is starting to fade. The guests prefer a more live and interactive atmosphere. We’ve noticed that the guests like the idea of the live stations where they can see how the food is being prepared and they like the idea of the freshness, for instance, a hamburger station where the people can go and build their own hamburgers or build their own tacos, talk about something different! 

If we take a look at how much weddings have changed in the last couple of years I think that we can say that there is no right or wrong way to plan your wedding, there is no need to have a wedding like your grandmother’s wedding 30 years ago, that boat has sailed. Each bride has her own ideas of how she wants her day to be and that is why each wedding can be unique there is no guideline to a perfect wedding, you make your own wedding perfect.